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Your Life, Your Dream – Your hunger for success

Welcome to my first blog on my website ‘What colour you want‘. 

Finally, the day came when I decided to pen down my thoughts digitally. (Not sure why and how LOL 😂).

It was comfortable to sit and watch a movie or to do anything than to write something which is not my forte. But this pandemic gave a lot of time to think, just think and do nothing. (hahaha) 

Ahh now, what makes me come to this name ‘what colour you want.’ Well, so here is a little thought that came to my mind. 

You guys remember when we were young. I mean we are younger now also but sweeter than current age, like 6 to 12 years (Crazy hmmm…) when we don’t have a beard, moustache and especially ego brains. 

We used to play a game ‘TIPI TIPI TOP’ – ……… ……… …….. ………, the follow-up is ‘what colour you want.’ Remember, I guess so yes. We want ‘BLUE’, we want ‘Green’, we want bla bla bla…..🟠🟡🟢🟣🔵

The best part was we never used our brains to play this easy, colourful game. We were cute kids with little and active minds.

As we get older, we forget that same has to be with life. ‘TIPI TIPI TOP’, what LIFE you want.

I want to be a PILOT, I want to be an ACTOR, and so on (MANY). Some wanted to be a dreamer, and those are still dreaming of what to do in life. hahaha

But generally, what is happening, we want to be something else but doing some other stuff in our life. Something or the other is still waiting for us.

Yet, we are tied up with the duties and responsibilities of families. I would not say burden but instead, say something they are the least risk to take about.

I love playing the guitar, piano, ukulele and creating humour among friends. (These all can be a business right?). 

I’m NOT a rockstar kind of player who is doing this since they understood they want to do this in their life.

But seriously, I play OKAY. Hahaha and this is not a joke. 💁🏻‍♂️ 

I sometimes want to make videos but working on other things eat my time.

Maybe I’m waiting for some genie will come and ask me AKA what do I do for you. LOL 😂 

Obviously, my work is my responsibility, but as I said, something is waiting for me inside to do but when?

Wish to do something great soon and make progress in “what LIFE you want”. And seriously, I must do.

Same I would suggest folks that focus on what you love is more important and living your passion. 

Doing what you do just to pay bills 🧾 won’t satisfy you in the long run. 

I dedicate my first write up to my two cute daughters and a lovely wife who makes my every day unique. I wish my daughters select the right colour for their life, so they only follow their heart, passion and love. ”

Phir 3 idiots ka dialogue yaad aata hai, ‘Agar virus bolta ke engineer banna toh mein uska balatkaar kardeta magar jub usne muh khola toh chamatkaar hi hogaya, laat marta hai footballer banega, banna jo chahe’, so cool hmmm.

We still have time guys to focus on our wish lists and make history for our coming generations.

Nobody was born as a king or a queen in this world. But in fact, all are made by their hard work and conscious mind.

I will try and write a blog weekly or whenever I get time. So catch you guys with something interesting.

I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading the blog. You can find my Facebook and Instagram profiles on the website. Keep visiting for new content.

Have an awesome day!!



  1. Amit Bagga

    Nice thought mentioned in your first blog. Love all lines move back to 6-12 year age. What colour you want….
    Thanks for motivated us.

  2. Paul Klenin

    Well done Sanchit. I appreciate your blog and happy to talk to you after a long time.
    You are a good businessman and now your blogs are also wonderful when I read them. will read other ones also soon.

    Paul K.

    1. Vipin Sharma

      Great job sanchit..
      Really tremendous work done.. You really make me think of my early age days..
      Once again gud job done and best wishes for your future.. Luv u bro

  3. Mayank

    Keep writing
    Bring some focus on friendship and how friends change after being married and other good things about marriage 😂

  4. Vipin Sharma

    Great job sanchit..
    Really tremendous work done.. You really make me think of my early age days..
    Once again gud job done and best wishes for your future.. Luv u bro

  5. Noel De Juan

    Congratulations! Well done Sanchit! Most of the time when I looked of a business man I looked at them as an empty vessels as they only think about themselves and how to improve their business … no love… no attachment … but by doing this things people can see ‘what’s inside that vessel’ you are sharing your insights and the beautiful part of your life. God bless to you and your family.

  6. Manish Kapoor

    Tipi tip top.. what colour you want??? I want all the colours. (love)

    Pen down all the colourful views of our past and present journey. We shared all the colours together so far and will do going forward as well.

    Waiting to see the endless colours of everything in your blogs.

    Great work my brother. Loads of love from my side! ❤️❤️❤️

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