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Why Apple Glasses Technology Is Sexy, Future Of LifestylE

Apple glasses technology is sexy and can become the future of lifestyle. The rumors about Apple AR glasses have been in the air for quite some time now. Apple’s AR Glasses could reinvent the wearable computing and become the future of lifestyle.

Here are all the unofficial details that came out so far. Apple Glasses project is forming a shape now whether we want them or not. We are getting a glimpse of what future 1st generation wearable could look like.

The rumors first suggested the lenses would launch this year. But with the company’s 2020 product line revealed consisting of iPhone 12, Apple Watch six and AirPods studio, it seems that the Apple glasses will take some time. According to a source for Apple product release, the release won’t happen until 2022.

Here are all the details rumouring so far about the Apple glasses’ specs, design, and the possible release date.

Latest News Regarding Apple Glasses

One of the cool features surfacing about the Apple glasses is the built-in optics. It rectify vision issues like nearsightedness and astigmatism. An Apple patent for an in-headset vision-correcting system enables the users to wear augmented reality glasses without using prescription lenses. According to this technology, the glasses will adjust according to the user’s visual needs. A stunning Apple glasses design has also surfaced on the internet, and people can’t seem to wait for the release after looking at it.

According to the TF International Securities Analyst and the most reputable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, The earliest that Apple glasses could be ready to ship won’t be until 2022.

John Prosser, the famous Apple leaker, also says that the announcement will be made several months before they are ready to be shipped by the company.

Apple Glass features: What they’ll do.

The glasses will be able to bring the information from your phone to your face. It will allow the users to view their texts, maps, emails, and games on the glass in their augmented reality glasses. It will be a revolutionary feature in the field of AR wearable. This will be possible if Apple succeeds in producing in such advanced day to day high tech wearable. A Bloomberg report has also hinted towards these features. It will most likely be linked to the user’s iPhone just an Apple watch; allowing them to view all the information over their field of vision. News about Apple having plans to integrate third-party apps and dedicated app store is also circulating.

Design of Apple Glasses

According to the current prototype pics of Apple Glasses Technology, they look like a pair of regular plastic. The design of the end product is expected to be a little different though.

According to the current information it consists of a LiDAR scanner to power AR experiences is placed on the right side. No other conventional cameras because of being an accessory of the iPhone all the processing will be controlled by it.

The glasses may not be as light weighted as the regular glasses are. Also, there won’t be a sunglasses version according to the current leaks. The observers won’t be able to tell if the lenses are displaying something or not because it doesn’t work with tinted lenses. 

Specs of Apple Glass

No official announcements have been made about the Apple glasses specs yet. But a comparison can be made with the current tech available. For instance, Hololens 2 has a 52-degree field of view and 47 PPI resolution, so we can expect it to have at least similar specs if not above the current technology. But keep in mind that Apple has bagged some great minds from leading institutions;like Jeff Norris, founder of the Mission Operations Innovation Office of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab so we can expect something futuristic.  

Instead of having 2D floating notifications, Apple plans to create true augmented reality. If that happens, then there is a strong possibility of Apple glasses connecting directly to the iPhone through a dedicated Wi-Fi connection. A bandwidth much higher than Bluetooth is required for such a feature; if the Apple plans to process all the video taken by the glasses and send back the 3D imagery to glasses.

Apple Glasses
Image Source: Techgenyz

Wish List: What people want in Apple Glasses

The first thing that users want is that they should look like natural-looking glasses and not a geek-wear. The second thing desired by users is full 3D integration and the ability to run any iOS AR app. The last thing demanded is a good battery life that lasts through an average workday. These Apple glasses’ sexy technology is showing bright signs of being the future of lifestyle.

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