Travel Is Love - Love is life

Travel is Love – Love is Life

Travel is Love – love is life

Generally, a human being’s life is 70 yrs -75 yrs (considering only average age here) it means we live around for 25,500 days – 27,375 days. How surprising the outcome came of the years when I converted it into days? And most of us do not travel for most of our life.

Life and travel

Precisely, in today’s life, we get so carried away with our work in our daily life that we don’t have time to see around us or what is happening around us.

We leave our good friends due to time shortage. We are disconnecting from our family too just because of being busy in works so much.

But did you ever think that you are living an ideal life in this way?

I can understand that there is so much pressure on youth nowadays, and being independent is very important to this age group people. But life also has its own limit and can’t wait for the right time any more. If you are working for your living, then it is also essential to give something special to yourself rather than money, food, clothes, gadgets etc. What is that??

So that is “Travel”

benefits of travelling

A magical vibe, a relief to your soul, a sweet calmness in your eyes and lots of memories to save. If you did not travel yet, then you have loosed something special. Late but of course not least.

You will rarely see a person in the world who does not love to travel. Might be a possibility that you will not find a single person who does not love this beautiful thing at all.

Travel is like medicine for lots of things. The person who is really addicted to this will get to know till yet that why I compare travelling with medication.

Let me define it precisely – When our body gets sick, we need medicine to recover from the particular disease. Similarly when we get tired of the extended regular basic routine of our lives. And we get frustrated from some ups and downs of life than travel is the thing that is sufficient to nurture your mind from negative vibes.

Travel is something to which I never get bored. Being wanderlust is a passion a dedication for travel and a strong desire to explore the beautiful places of this planet from which some of us are still bereaved.

Sharing one of the favourite quotes here, you will feel the same after ages –

“I would rather look back at my life and say, I can’t believe I did that ” rather than say “ I wish I did that .”

Travel and Life

The way I have started to see my life has changed me totally, and now I personally feel that I am a better person.

The more you will explore the places, cities, countries, people the more you will get mature, and you will connect with the things more closely and this way you will find that a better person is forming inside you.

Do not wait for travel, just take out some time from your busy schedule and pack your bag, go with your family, squad or this can be your first solo trip too. Experience life as much as you can.

Stay safe and healthy. All the best for your next trip or maybe your first solo trip in advance. Always remember, travel is love and love is life. So keep travelling and loving your life.

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