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PRO Tips for Happy Marriage

A successful happy marriage is a dream of many. So here we have the blog “Doing Happy Marriage Tips the Right Way”.  My friends ask me what’s the reason behind your happy married life and look forward for some happy marriage tips. I feel strange that I don’t need a reason to attain a happy married life. In fact, after marriage, my life is better with her, so my married life automatically becomes happier. But seriously, I follow some potential marriage saving rules which I’m going to share now. If you are reading this so I’m sure you want to make your partner happy and also wants to keep marriage life fresh.

I had a long honeymoon period, i.e. 11 years.

Yes, you read it right, we dated for 11 years before marriage.

Here is my oldest pic:

Basically, we had a fluttery butterfly feeling of excitement for a long time before marriage. But for many shelf life of honeymoon period is generally short. Because as soon as they think they are a great fit and then look forward to marriage without wasting time. So it doesn’t mean you cannot bring those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement back to your life even after a lot of years of marriage.

I know every marriage face a rough patch in their lives. And at times, you need to be calm settle those hard situations.

So here are the tips to make happy married life successful:

  1. Appreciate your partner
    Even after years of happy marriage, I keep on appreciating my wife for everything she does for my kids and me. Emotionally it is very important that makes her connect to me that I understand all the effort she is putting into. And again she does the same too. Whenever I leave for work or returning, a passionate kiss makes us feel appreciating each other in the way of love. As per the recent studies, many men who have cheated their partner is because of the emotional dissatisfaction and not sex. You need to understand the value of appreciation of each other. This is the first tip for happy
    marriage life.


  2. Saying ‘THANK YOU’ for little things is a not a word but a lifesaver
    I don’t know if this is my habit, but I have learned a lot about “Thank You”. For instance, the wife cooks food for the family, so thanking her for keeping your stomach full is a duty. It will surely become your second nature to understand little things people are doing for you. It goes with the husband as well as he works for the family. (*Start saying “Thank you” *) It is a pro tip to make your marriage a successful story.


  3. Make your Appearance better
    Even after longs years after marriage you should give time to your appearance. Making yourself look better would attract your partner to pay attention to you. This a simple way to make your partner feel the spark, the energy when you see in each other’s eyes. This will attract your partner even after years of happy marriage.


  4. Being Honest
    Being honest with your partner is very important. In fact, as per Hinduism moral principle, during the marriage, a boy and girl take ‘Saat Phere’ i.e. seven circumambulations. In these seven Circumambulations, they take an oath, to be honest with each other in any good or bad circumstances of life. Honesty is a strong pillar of happy marriage so on top of it.
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  5. Meeting your friends often
    This will save your marriage life. Partners are not the end of the world. Meeting your friends often makes you positive and even gives a boost to your relationship. And the good thing is talking to your partner over phones when you are apart making the conversation romantic. So generally when we travel with friends or even to work plays a visa-versa role in creating a missing your partner feeling and desire to go back and have fun.


  6. Mind your words, just like mind your steps
    You should use the right words when you are talking to your partner. Such as “You Never” or “You Always” directly hit the conscience of your partner. It will surely give birth to fights. Think about it! It is just like minding your steps while walking. Otherwise, you will fall down, or your marriage comes in a danger space. Every relationship is based on respect and integrity so take care of that.


  7. Stay passionate about each other inside or outside your home
    Marriage is not just about having sex inside the bedroom. The rest apart from the bed is real life when we take our marriage a serious status. Connected to your partner even when you are outside is a great deal to make other one tuned with you. Going out for a walk, messaging him/her from work, remembering when you are with your friends makes them feel special about each other. And closeness comes with conversation and cuddling which creates a strong bond for a happy marriage.


  8. Be kind to your partner
    If you have a rough day at the office so never take out your aggression or anger on your partner. You have to be in control as sometimes your life tends to work as per your current state of mind. But taking out anger on your partner would not make it fine, in fact, makes it worse for your marriage. You can surely discuss your situation with your partner, and it is pretty awful to show your lousy face to your partner in which he/she is not involved. At least you both can find a solution after discussing the problem.

I hope you will take care of these points, which will surely save your marriage life. And you will have your own story to make others understand how to lead a happy married life.

Follow these pro tips to make your marriage successful.

Marriages are Made in Heaven, But It Is Our Responsibility to Make Them Work!

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