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Free life for all – Do we realize it?

Welcome to the blog on my website ‘What colour you want‘. Today I want to cover ‘Free life for all – Do we realize it?’. Do we realize what is ‘freedom of life’ when we all are in lockdown, or I can say home arrest to save our lives? But before that here are some questions for us: What is a ‘Free life’? Why does everybody need a ‘Free life’?

I’m focusing on the word ‘Free life’ because without ‘Free life’ our life would be meaningless. Without making a strange face, because it’s a simple question, I would say,

A ‘BIG YES’ for free life

I’m very sure I understand what is living freely and why I need to continue living freely as it is my right.

What’s your answer, guys?

 I’m sure yes, is the answer.

And this f**king COVID19 made us realize that sitting at home in a complete lockdown is a house arrest or like a jail. And if this COVID sustains for a long time so our life would be like a chicken coop. (haha) 

A chicken coop is a cage where all hens are placed and then sold as a non-veg food item. 

I’m happy now that we realized what the chicken coop is in the current lockdown of the entire world.

If we are frustrated in a chicken coop so think how animals feel in a cage and then being fried when a customer wants them. They are going to be fried soon, and their cage life would be finished.

Now their souls will live a free life in heaven.

Just think of hens, birds, dogs, rabbits, and many other animals that humans eat them as a non-veg food item. And I know Indians eat less or I should say they are not eating what Chinese do. But Chinese are role models for eating everything, and so that’s why gave birth to a deadly virus CORONA.

My point is whenever we eat non-veg, our mind should consciously accept that something wrong we are doing with our existence. Like we are not able to take lockdown, we should understand animals too.

Free Life for Humans and Animals

And now what are Chinese, F**king criminals, or they see the business in everything? 

I’m just thinking about their expert minds.

Let’s join hand with PETA, India’s animal right organisation. Try and donate so that you can take part in the animal care journey. Let’s care for other humans and animals.

Start with a little bit and taking part gives you a sense of what is a free life.

Now think folks, at least we would not be fried when we come out of the lockdown or house arrest like animals do. (haha we are safe, thank god until COVID19 catch us)

Just think like that COVID19 is the ‘Chinese animal’ who likes to eat humans, and it is eating. Almost 2,33,000+ deaths are already confirmed as of 1st May 2020. 

And not a joke mood now; it is a serious concern. 

My concern is that we should notice what is happening around us. 

Every individual should take responsibility for being a human who understands free life for all and help the entire universe parallelly with other mates. 

Making an effort for a better future is a conscious ability that humans are gifted with.

So let’s come together to fight for freedom, not just for humans but for the entire universe and show the meaning of our existence on earth.

Let's bring the earth back to a kind place where doing good for others is not only social work but the real work.

So catch you guys again with something exciting or some new topic to discuss on.

I am looking forward to it. 

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  1. Rajat Rawal

    Very nice thoughts to take care of animals too which is ignoring in our society.Thanks for posting refreshing blogs

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