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9 ways to follow up with the clients during online jobs!

It could be that you are new to online jobs and have managed to get some clients to provide you with ample work. But you may want to know how to follow up with the clients during online jobs without actually annoying them, be it making phone calls, follow-up emails or sending across lots of pitches. You can win favor & improve your business prospects with conscientious follow-ups.

Significance of follow-ups

Active, strong follow-ups help convey a powerful message to potential and existing clients. It shows that you are eager to work for them and being the correct person to undertake the task. Also, you clearly show your intention of being prepared to do the job once it is assigned to you. Whether you are a businessman, publicist, salesperson or writer, it can be a test to your patience, persistence, without actually annoying clients while carrying out strong follow-ups.

How to follow up with the clients during online jobs the right way?

Every situation is different and hence, needs to be treated & managed differently depending upon the situation.

Being persistent does not relate to carrying out daily follow-ups

Carrying out follow-up daily does not indicate your passion or gumption. It would be best if you respect your client’s time. A thumb rule to follow-up or pursue is to provide at least a week before sending across a reminder. Daily follow-up will look like as annoying to clients if they are busy. Make a call or send out an email every week. Later, switch to a couple of weeks.

Multiple channels

You should not restrict yourself to using just a single communiqué method while choosing a communication medium. You can get Quick responses by using other communication techniques occasionally. Do use popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, if not getting a proper response to phone or email messages.

Choose an appropriate communication medium

No right way, rules or guidelines exist to follow-up with clients without being annoying. Try understanding the individual’s indication with whom you are trying to contact. If past conversations were made through email, then follow-up with this medium.

Avoid acting like they you owe you something

If not getting response even after carrying out a solid follow-up can be irritating and disheartening. Do understand that irrespective of the number of times you followed-up or made pitches or proposals to the client. The fact is that no one is obligated towards giving a response to each of your requests. Every message, email or follow-up call needs to be humble, polite in attitude and respectful.

Make plans

It is not proper to keep on calling prospective clients even after not getting any response from them. Come up with a viable, active plan to make your proposal or offer to sound lucrative and interesting. You need to Identify other reachable prospects and then search for products which can be used to pitch to other clients. The next step to take will be determined by the set planned track.

Therefore, checking out the above tips will help you to know How to follow up with the clients during online jobs without actually annoying them.

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