feminism and fashion

Feminism and Fashion – A unique Blend

Fashion has always been seen as an art and only art. People over the year has criticized the multibillion industry saying, there are more important issues to focus on in the world rather than which colour will match with what, which is entirely correct.

But do not forget that fashion has influenced the mass. Fashion has communicated many unspoken issues in the world. Women empowerment, world peace, child molestation, under privilege nations, wars and political issues.

All these issues may not be solved in a day or two but showing the support gives the unbiased motivation to fight on. There have been many labels working on the concept of such since long ago. How correct is it to show your political views with fashion?

my demons won today - feminism and fashion

we all should be feminists

While this was happening, Dior, the ultra-luxury brand a French fashion house made it loud and clear by launching the line with title “Dio(R)volution”.

Designer Maria Grazia Chuiri eclipsed the ramp with feminism. Clubbing black and navy blue in her range with overalls, now note that she is the first women designer to lead the French label’s legacy and she made sure it is done in a way that can shake the world. Apart from this, a simple white t-shirt with print stating “We all should be feminist.”

We should all be feminists
Now often it is depicted that feminism is portrayed wrong even by the famous and intellectual ones. However, Maria decided to take her and now Dior’s definition of feminism really clear by providing guest with a bandana stating “A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

feminism and fashion

feminism and fashion

While Maria did her job, the feminism & political statement were the charm of this year’s NYFW. With lot said and unsaid but instead transformed into art, designers are on board fiercely. Jonathan Simkhai’s “Feminist AF” Prabal Gurung’s consisted of a variety of slogans in the finale. Some of them were “Revolution Has No Borders” “I Am an Immigrant” and “The Future Is Female”.

feminism and fashion - we will not be silenced

feminism and fashion

Apart from this, Indian celebrities have supported the cause. Be it Deepika sporting Diorvolution’s t-shirt or Anushka Sharma on the cover page with Dior’s all should be feminists t-shirt. Indian actress Alia Bhatt was seen wearing a t-shirt supporting feminism. The public appearance with such has increased the popularity in a fashionable sense. However, how much can be changed through it is still left upon the masses.

feminism and fashion

F for feminist and fashion


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