Apple Glasses Technology

10 Futuristic features of Apple Glasses Technology

AR Smart Apple Glasses

Apple is making new glasses which are known as augmented reality glasses. It is expected that these glasses will be known as “Apple Glasses”. As per the sources, the glasses will look like regular glasses. But some features will make it different from the current glasses while making them sexy. These glasses are expected to change the lifestyle of the future and will make it sexy. The following features make them sexy to use: 

Apple Glasses Technology
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 With Lenses 

The smart glasses will have both lenses with feature displays that would interact while utilizing gestures. The lenses can be got through the description and without description lenses will also be available at the price of $499. 

 As iPhone accessory 

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Glasses will be sold as an iPhone accessory. They will chiefly earn a display role unloading calculating, positioning, and networking to the iPhone. Contributing to the AR glasses as an iPhone accessory, it will make the glasses lightweight and slim. 

“The Reality Operating system” will be used in the glasses. All new iPhone devices that are on the production chain line will be using this operating system in future. Concerning the AR headset, Apple is developing a “system-on-a-package” chip. That’s similar to what’s in the Apple Watch, though it will rely on iPhone as mentioned above.

 Better Image quality because of Size

The quality of dual display in Apple can leap the competition. The dual quality can provide better images because of the size. We have by now appreciated consistent-viewing glasses lenses that can insert waveguides to mark the images drift imperceptibly. 

 Everywhere wearable

These Apple glasses would be quite easy to use in daily life. Apple glasses flexibility to use easily everywhere makes it sexy because people have to use lenses, and they do not want to wear regular glasses, but these glasses will look classic. 

 Replacing smartphones

These Apple glasses will replace smartphones, and this will make it one of the most significant trends of the century. Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Snap are working with Apple on such smart devices that are wearable. The current smart devices are big, and they do not look sexy, but the Apple glasses will make a person sexy. They are lustrous enough to wear all day, and everywhere you want to wear. 

 Change Future Lifestyle

Apple glasses will change the lifestyle of the people in the future. Instead of taking out the mobile from the pocket or purse, to dial the number and to use the app, the people will wear the apps and they will merely speak and will see the things. In the future, the business of smart glasses seems to multiply because people do not want to take mobile as an extra burden. 

Apple Glasses
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 Smart Features 

Over the development of an Apple glasses headset, Apple has used voice activation, head gestures, and touch panels as input systems, and many other smart applications have been used, including texting to mapping. There are other ideas, such as 360-degree video and Virtual meeting rooms, and much more. All these are in the research stage and will soon be a reality.  

 The frame of the Glasses 

According to Prosser, Apple is initiating work on smart glasses. The look is intended to appear like the frameless and round glasses that Steve Jobs used to wear.

 Smart Headset with Smart glasses

Apple is also doing work on the smart headsets along with the Augmented Reality glasses. These glasses are expected to come in 2021, and it is being said that these headsets will have features of advanced human detection and 3D scanning. It is supposed to have a function of a camera and a high-resolution display that will help the users to read small type and to see the people who are standing behind the virtual things. It will have a quality of an 8k display for eye, and it will be able to work with the augmented reality devices.

 AR in Xcode 

It is expected that Code in the Xcode 11 will be used on the AR headset. The references recommend that Apple is emerging sustenance for a face-attached AR understanding that is similar to Google’s Daydream. It is another sexy feature to make it one’s part of the style. 

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